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1 a hard coarse-grained siliceous sandstone [syn: gritrock, gritstone]
2 fortitude and determination; "he didn't have the guts to try it" [syn: backbone, guts, moxie, sand, gumption]


1 cover with a grit; "grit roads"
2 clench together; "grit one's teeth" [also: gritting, gritted]

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Etymology 1

Old English ''grēot


  1. Collection of hard small materials, such as coarse dirt or ground rock.
  2. A character trait that means to have courage, fearlessness, or guts.

Etymology 2

Old English grytt


grit (usually in plural grits)
  1. Husked but unground oats.


  1. Clench, particularly in reaction to pain, apparently only appears in gritting one's teeth.
  2. Cover with grit

Extensive Definition

Grit can refer to:
  • The mesh or unit of measure for sandpaper and other polishing materials
  • Grit (geology) or grus (geology), a clastic sediment composed of hard, often abrasive granules of a size range between sand and pebbles, typically from exfoliation of bedrock (typically granite)
    • Gritstone, a sedimentary rock formed by diagenesis of grit
  • Grits, a corn-based food common in the Southern United States and Southern Manchuria
    • GRITS (derived from the above meaning) is an American slang term short for Girls Raised In The South
    • GRIT (derived from the above meaning) is an American military slang term for someone from the South.
    • Grits, a derogatory slang term in the Middle Atlantic United States referring to caucasian working class people, a synonym for redneck
  • A substance made available to domestic fowl to aid in digestion, as a gastrolith.

Other uses

  • the inability to give up; strong character; pluck
  • Road salt, used to prevent ice forming on roads
  • Grit (newspaper), a U.S. periodical founded as a newspaper in 1882
  • Clear Grits, reformers in the Province of Upper Canada, a British colony that is now the Province of Ontario, Canada
  • Grits, a media term for the Liberal Party of Canada
  • GRITS, a Christian hip hop group
  • Grit (Advance Wars), a character in the Advance Wars series of video games
  • Grit (album), album by Celtic fusion musician Martyn Bennett
  • Grit, a synonym for dip, or chewing tobacco
  • GRiT, a slang for methamphetamine
  • Gritty Weed, adulterated herbal Cannabis in the UK
  • Grits is also an internet meme on Slashdot
  • Grit is also used to smoothen surfaces which are slippery


  • GRIT, an acronym for Gradual Reduction in Tension, a model of international conflict management developed by Charles Osgood and advocated by several prominent International Relations scholars.
  • GRIT (Military Acronym) Used as an aide memoir for fire control orders (Group, Range, Indication, Type of Fire)
  • GRIT is an acronym for Grantor Retained Interest Trust.

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